Putting your driving in the best light

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-14
Despite improvements in vehicle lighting, it is possible to \"surpass\" headlights at night on lonely country roads.
Even at a reasonable speed, there will be a thin line between having enough vision ahead and responding if there is a danger and not enough time.
This is not an Uber problem-
Luxury cars or expensive sports models, but not everyone wants to pay six digits for a set of top headlights.
And lower manufacturers
Pricing cars will not cost decoration and cutting --edge, high-Technology headlights.
According to the lighting manufacturer IPF, \"ordinary factory headlights only provide enough range to warn the driver of objects on the road a few seconds before actually encountering them . \".
What should I do besides walking very slowly?
An effective way to significantly improve safety margin is to install driving lights or spotlights that can pick out details that are far beyond the management of most good beams.
The design of the driving light provides a long
The range, rather wide beam, may \"overflow\" some light to the side to help illuminate the edge of the road.
That\'s the spotlight-
A narrow light column that goes deep into the night like a small military searchlight.
Although the spots look like the ideal length
Remote night driving aids, a pair of spotlights are not as useful as a pair of driving lights or a driving light paired with a spotlight.
The spotlights and running lights must be connected so that they can only be used with the high beam of the vehicle, otherwise the WoF inspector will shut you out and the police cruiser may suddenly be of interest.
The rule is that the oncoming driver will not be blinded by countless people --
Candlelight light show.
However, it is only within the time required for the flick switch that the light from the high beam plus the drive light to a darkened light can get lost;
Always ready to adapt to this sudden change.
In addition to the extra lights, a cheaper but generally effective alternative is to install the upgraded bulb into the headlights.
Talk to the car electrician about possibilities.
The improved bulb has had a huge impact on one of Driven\'s edit cars.
In addition, fog lights are also very popular.
Ons, although they are usually on higher standards
The grade version of many vehicles.
Their job is to go through the dark, not to provide for the long term
Distance lighting.
But before you buy a set, think about how long you will encounter fog. Add-
The lamp is usually round or rectangular, sometimes Oval.
The shape usually has little effect on the properties of the beam (
Remember top though-
The model light is big and round, and there must be a reason for it);
Other shapes are mainly due to styling and decoration.
Very small projector
Beam lights using a composite elliptical reflector have become popular.
The advantage of them is that they are small in size and ideal for placement and do not limit the airflow of the radiator.
After-sales market lights have a large price range.
When you buy something cheap, you may only get what you pay.
In addition to important considerations such as beam exhibition quality, cheap buildings may not be particularly good.
In order to avoid the possibility of corrosion and condensation, good building quality is important.
Even moderate-priced lighting
Well-known companies should have enough quality.
Not quite sure about the quality of cheap \"normal\" lights that may come with brands you \'ve never heard of before.
It\'s worth asking around about other people\'s experiences.
By the way, plastic does not necessarily mean bad. Some high-
High quality lamps are made of solid polycarbonate or polycarbonate and metal;
But you don\'t have to be a genius to tell this from rubbish.
For example, check the finish and quality of the installation attachment.
Can the mounting bolts fall off into the body cavity?
It makes no sense to buy a good auxiliary light and connect it with insufficient wires.
Because good wiring has such a big impact on the performance of the lamp, many top brands include a full loom and a decent switch, all of which is to get the voltage to the filament.
Even so, some light of caution
The Assembly Union throws away things from the factory and uses heavier electrical wiring and switching equipment.
The relay also needs to be a unit of quality.
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