Purchasing skills of all-copper glass solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-11
All-copper glass solder lamp is a main type of all-copper lamp. All-copper glass solder lamps are mainly made of copper bars with glass Hemming and then connected with tin bars. All-copper glass solder lamps are mainly very important for the manufacturing process. These are mainly made by hand, this depends on the skill and skilled experience of the craftsman. First look at the tin bar, this is the most important point of the whole lamp. Good all-copper glass solder lamp welding rod should be very flat, the corner should be too smooth, and the joint with glass copper strip should be tightly combined without some gaps. Most of the inferior solder rods are rough and the welding process is messy. The combination of glass and copper bars is also closely calculated. The copper bars and glass are properly connected, the size is appropriate, and the radian is perfectly combined. In order to save costs, some manufacturers often use the same copper strip mold to manufacture. Because the shape of the glass will have many differences, this will lead to the imperfect combination of the copper strip and the glass, affecting the quality and beauty. There are also many differences in the treatment of glass. Some glass sheets are very thin and have a great influence on the quality of lamps and lanterns. It will cause great problems in the beauty and quality of all-copper glass solder lamps.
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