Professor of Sichuan Institute of Arts and Crafts came to our company to guide the development of American lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
On March 17, Liu Laolai, a retired professor of Sichuan Institute of Arts and Crafts, and his party came to our company to work on the development of American lamps. After visiting our American lighting production workshop and exhibition hall, Mr. Liu, together with PETER, the company's American lighting design director, put forward constructive suggestions on the new American lighting that our company is currently preparing to launch. Mr. Liu carefully understood the design concept of our company in designing and developing American lamps. On the other hand, I drew a sketch of the new improvement of our American lamps. While drawing pictures, he sincerely told our American lamp designers: to design exquisite American lamps, we must have a deep understanding of the cultural heritage of American lamps. In this way, we can accurately grasp the design essence of American lamps. . . . . . ; At the same time, Mr. Liu also had an in-depth discussion with relevant personnel on the details of the art of American lamps.
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