Professional attitude training into the full copper lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-08
On July 1, the all-copper lamp conference room of snooker United States was full of seats, one of which was entitled: professional attitude; The training was carried out among more than 20 middle-level and above management cadres in the company. This is the second training aimed at the management cadres above the middle level of the company since the implementation of the all-member training and education plan for all-member training by the all-copper lamp of snooker United States. The purpose of this training is to stimulate the work passion of the management cadres, help them form good professional habits and deal with and face various problems encountered in their work with the attitude of being the master. The guest speaker of this training is Mr. Sun Yuxi, a famous lecturer who has been engaged in training in the field of lighting for many years. The whole training lasted for two hours. According to the reality of the lighting industry and the well-known cases, Mr. Sun made a comprehensive analysis on what is a professional attitude and how to develop a good professional attitude. Teacher Sun's humorous language and proper interaction have benefited all the participants. From time to time, warm applause broke out at the venue. At the end of the course, the management cadres of snooker all-copper lamps were divided into two groups and conducted in-depth and detailed discussions on what they had learned. In the short discussion of more than 20 minutes, the participants expressed their opinions and expressed their feelings after learning. Some also realized the shortcomings of their work in combination with what they had learned. Finally, in the training summary session, the participants of the snooker all copper lamps gave speeches on what they had learned.
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