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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-28
Non-standard lamp customization, as its name implies, is a lamp made by improving the production process, product size, modeling and other aspects of lamps according to the individual needs of customers for decoration and decoration. People in the lighting industry are also called special-shaped lamps. Non-standard lamp customization is not a regular product because of its small quantity. Therefore, special customization may be required in the production processes such as modeling, production process and accessories, and the difficulty can be imagined. Therefore, when Customizing non-standard lamps in China, there are often phenomena that are unacceptable to customers, such as the customized lamps are not what customers want, the number of customized lamps is high, and the price is low. After years of research, combined with years of experience in non-standard lighting customization business, the relevant personnel of the engineering department of snooker has explored a set of effective non-standard lighting customization process. The shortcomings of non-standard lamp customization business are minimized. First of all, once the customer has the demand for customization of lamps, we will have at least 10 years of experience in customization of non-standard lamps, as well as the delivery date for more in-depth communication in the early stage. After fully understanding the customer's detailed requirements for customization of non-standard lamps, Huitong Engineering Department designer will deepen the product again around the customer's requirements, and the customer will reconfirm or modify it according to the deepening drawing. After confirmation, the factory will assemble the blank customized for non-standard lamps, take photos and submit them to the customer for confirmation, and modify some deficiencies in the design again. Non-standard customized lamps that have been reconfirmed can officially enter the production process.
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