Princess Dream created by European lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
It is said that the daughter is a small cotton-padded jacket and a lover of the previous life. The popular saying now is: the daughter should be rich. Therefore, parents always want to give their daughter good things. Every little girl once had a dream. This dream is called Princess dream. The color of this dream is romantic and warm pink. Then every girl's room should be carefully dressed up, and a European-style lamp in the bedroom lights up the fairy tale princess dream! There is no need for luxurious decoration, just prepare everything she wants, starry sky, Castle and her favorite pink hellokitty. . . . . . A simple and versatile European-style lamp is placed in her room, not a simple lighting, in order to light her pure fantasy in her princess dream, fantasizing that she is a princess in a fairy tale. An SD04126- 01 is enough, very simple, but it makes people full of reverie. The shape of a five-pointed star can see the world from different angles. I think this is the love she wants. Later, when she grew up, she began to have her own ideas and looked at the world differently. Pink fresh Broken Flowers became her favorite, because one day she began to have her own secret and Paradise. The whole room was decorated by herself. She was very happy because she grew up. The previous lamp in the bedroom was changed, not because I didn't like it. Knowledge thinks that it belongs to childhood memories and should be well treasured. Now it has been replaced-SZ50812- 06, it is very natural, and there is no sense of discord with the whole room, this is the feeling she wants! European lamps are always suitable for the Princess's bedroom, because it gives off a dreamy atmosphere.
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