Precautions for purchasing full copper lamps in baby room

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-08
Everyone knows that the choice of lamps and lanterns needs to take into account the overall collocation of the home. In fact, there is another point that needs to be taken into account, that is, light pollution, which is especially important for babies at home. Due to the different perspectives of infants and adults, an all-copper lamp exposed to a light source is basically outside or at the edge of the direct vision for adults, but for infants looking up, it is likely to be in the center of the field of vision, causing serious glare problems. Therefore, in order to arrange appropriate lighting for infants, we should actively experience it from the perspective of infants and check whether there is unreasonable lighting. The simple way is to lie down in the area where the baby is located. At the same time, the baby's room needs sufficient lighting to allow the baby to interact with the toys hanging on the head and the people who accompany and take care of him, so that the baby can get enough visual stimulation to improve brain development and establish close relationships with relatives. Therefore, lamps such as all-copper wall lamps, all-copper table lamps and all-copper floor lamps that illuminate the side and upward directions are lighting tools that are more in line with the baby's viewing angle. If you want to use a copper chandelier, it is recommended to use a light source with soft light and a completely closed soft light cover.
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