Precautions for installation of outdoor wall lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-27
Nowadays, people are pursuing perfection. Many families like to install wall lamps in some small corners. Many outdoor wall lamps are of high-end atmosphere, it can be used not only as lighting but also as a decoration, so outdoor wall lamps are still a good choice, and many people do not know how to install them after buying them. In fact, there are many ways to install wall lamps. What are the precautions for installing outdoor wall lamps? 1, outdoor wall lamp structure should adapt to the environment of the installation site, it is best to choose a closed switch, because outdoor to often have rain and sun, if in humid environment should choose porcelain waterproof switch. Outdoor wall lamp switches are usually installed beside doors or other convenient locations. 2. The operating mechanism of all-copper outdoor wall lamp switch shall be flexible and light, and its action shall be completed by instantaneous conversion mechanism. In addition to the cable switch and double switch, the on and off of the contact should be clearly marked. 3. The height along the ground under the all-copper outdoor wall lamp is 1. 8- , The installation height of outdoor wall lamps on all sides can be different, but the height of outdoor wall lamps on the same wall needs to be consistent before coordination. 4, all copper outdoor wall lamp should be combined with wiring mode to choose the type of switch. For wiring, the cable switch should be selected, which is economical and safe. Dark wiring should be determined according to the wiring situation. For example, embedded dark key switches can be selected for dark wiring in the wall. 5, all copper outdoor wall lamp cable switch cable should be insulated rope, length is not less than 1. 5 m, pulling machine and pulling rope with 98N (Cattle)The force of 1 meter should not fail.
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