[Photonics West 2019] Direct Strike – Infrared Sensing Market Trends

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-13

Photonics West 2019 is the largest optoelectronic industry and the most concentrated international photonics exhibition. It is held annually in San Francisco and is an international optoelectronic industry event. A number of VCSEL manufacturers said that the current technical challenges faced by VCSEL include photoelectric conversion efficiency, temperature drift, slope efficiency, and light shape design. Most major exhibitors have achieved a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 40% for 1-2W VCSEL products, while Lumentum said it will continue to increase to 43% in 2019.

LEDinside is honored to interview VEECO Vice President Somit Joshi at Photonics West. VEECO remains optimistic about the development of mobile 3D sensing and the LiDAR market, especially the future potential of the rear lens market. Therefore, in the face of market demand, VEECO's advanced MOCVD equipment based on TurboDisc technology is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the next wave of high-power VCSELs. Compared to current equipment performance, VEECO improves six-inch wafer uniformity, stabilizes aluminum composition, increases defect and Doping control by 25-50%, and increases productivity by 40% with TurboDisc technology. In addition to MOCVD, VEECO's Wafer Storm & Wafer Erch Solvent-based Equipment offers a superior Wet Process process with manufacturing control capabilities to achieve leading capacity and meet operating costs.

Guangda Market

In response to market demand, OSRAM continues to expand its optical laser product power to meet customer needs, including increasing the peak power of the SPL DS90A_3 to 120W. In addition, OSRAM plans to introduce a four-channel SMT laser in 2019.

The main problem faced by LiDAR technology is that it is difficult to achieve high peak power laser transmission with short pulses to ensure the necessity of long-distance sensing and human eye safety. To meet this need, OSRAM worked with GaN Systems to develop all four channels simultaneously at 40 A to deliver 480 W of peak power.

Excelitas is a well-known optical laser manufacturer. The 1x4 pulsed laser (Pulsed Laser) is displayed in the venue, and its power can reach 70W. In addition, APD is also displayed, which is actively oriented towards the market.

In addition to the laser light source, the light detector is another important key to the development of light. The photodetector is generally a photodiode (PD), an Avalanche photodiode (APD), a Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPAD), or a silicon photomultiplier ( Silicon Photomultiplier, SiPM). Major vendors include Hamamatsu, First Sensor, On Semiconductor and Excelitas. First Sensor has acquired Sensortechnics and expanded its Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) products.

Long wavelength market trends

According to the LEDinside infrared sensing application market report, long-wavelength applications above 1,000nm are mostly for surgical treatment, optical communication, niche health monitoring (blood glucose sensing), equipment testing, gas sensing, automotive light, and spectroscopy. Analytical market-based.

DOWA is a well-known infrared LED manufacturer. It has launched 1,000-1,600nm infrared LED products at the exhibition site and can reach 2mW at 20mA. The products are used for gas sensing and alcohol sensing. At the same time, with the development of customers, 3,000-5,000nm infrared LED products will also be launched in the market, which will inevitably bring new application demand and market momentum to the infrared market. In addition, 680nm red VCSEL is also one of the main development products.

USHIO mainly develops UV-A LED and infrared LED manufacturers, and has the latest major breakthrough in the development of long-wavelength infrared LEDs. Not only in the original 1,650nm infrared products, its output power has reached 80mW (500mA) in the industry; and it has achieved breakthrough in 1,750nm infrared LED products, and the output power can reach 2mW under 50mA driving, if it is driven by 500mA Can reach 15mW.

Mobile phone 3D sensing

OSRAM's acquisition of Vixar will launch VCSEL products for mobile 3D sensing, and it is expected to enter the mobile phone brand this year.

Fuji Xerox is a well-known VCSEL manufacturer in Japan. Dr. Takashi Kondo presented a Self-scanning VCSEL at the seminar. By using epitaxial and chip design, not only can the product area be greatly reduced, but also the arrangement of the array (Emitter) can be controlled. Achieve the effects required for 3D sensing.

Ams Dr. Serdal Okur also published its wafer products at the seminar, and adjusted the Divergence Angle by epitaxial design.

Lumentum is a well-known 3D sensing supplier. This exhibition, like last year's model, presents a series of product cases that work with sensing module customers. It includes structured light products that use edge-emitting lasers and VCSELs.

After the acquisition of PRC Photonics, Viavi officially entered the Diffuser product market. The venue exhibited a number of light effects achieved with diffusers.

Finisar is actively optimistic about the development of the World Facing market and is currently actively developing with brand manufacturers.

The latest report of LEDInside (LEDinside) '2019 Infrared Sensing Application Market Trends - Mobile Sensing, Optical, Optical Sensing' indicates that the application of many infrared products continues to develop, bringing unlimited business opportunities to the infrared industry. LEDinside focuses on the following major application markets, including security monitoring, mobile device biometrics (iris, 2D face, under-screen fingerprinting - optical and ultrasonic, 3D face recognition - structured light, time-of-flight ranging, binocular vision) , digital medical (heartbeat, blood oxygen, blood glucose sensing), spectral sensing, in-vehicle sensing (face recognition, gesture recognition) and vehicle light, drones, unmanned vehicles, distance sensors, Optical communication, etc., to explore and analyze market size, opportunities and challenges, product specifications and supply chain, to provide readers with a more comprehensive understanding of the infrared application market. (Text: Joanne / LEDinside)

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