【]Perfect combination of online and offline, mutual benefit and win-win!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-01
The emergence of the Internet has completely changed the shopping mode of consumers. It has quickly established a connection with consumers by virtue of its advantages of crossing time and region, however, the impact of the Internet has made many physical stores miserable. The flow of people in physical stores is getting smaller and smaller, but the cost is getting higher and higher, due to the limitation of the store area and the difficulty of working capital, a large number of samples cannot be hung to limit the selection of funds by users, and too many problems have left dealers in physical stores at a loss. In response to such a situation, the all-copper lamp of snooker Meiju has officially launched the OTO business cooperation model in combination with the offline resources and online platforms accumulated over the years. What kind of new territory will this business model open up for our entities? It is reported that the opening of O2O mode by snooker Mercure will bring the following support and benefits to physical stores: 1. The company will reward the corresponding amount of the company's original equity 2 according to the proportion of completing the task, distributors have the right to give priority to the purchase of the company's original shares 3 and provide lamp Distribution System 4 free of charge. Distributors who signed O2O contracts in March still have a larger discount on goods. Just today, Wanzai Jiajia lighting in Jiangxi province has officially signed an O2O contract with snooker, officially becoming snow ·Mercure OTO cooperative dealer! Snooker Mercure will enable dealers to have more different sales platforms and channels in the future and occupy more market space. Merchants from all over the country are welcome to join. Perfect combination of online and offline, mutual benefit and win-win!
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