[People's Experience] Recalling the History of Chinese Lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-03

The fire of that year is still fresh in my memory.

It was only two days from New Year's Eve in 1978. It was cold at night, I wanted to do winter vacation work, but there was no electricity at home.

My family is in Jiumu Village, Jiumu Town, Pucheng County, and the whole street is black and majestic. Like most other farmers, I ordered kerosene lighting, and the dim flames swayed around. It was very difficult for me to read the book.

In fact, my home was equipped with electric lights 8 years ago. I can only have a small hydropower station of 50 kilowatts in my hometown. In the spring, I have to wait until the dark to start generating electricity. The 15 watt bulbs in my home can be illuminated for 3 hours. Each household only has one light. The monthly fee is 0.5 yuan. In the winter, because there is no water, the maximum power supply is 1 hour at night, and often there is no electricity all night, so the tenants of the house have their own bamboo and kerosene lamps for lighting.

It was only 8 o'clock, the darkness caused the drowsiness to come early, and I gradually fell asleep. I heard the exclamation from outside the house: 'Fire the house, come and fight the fire!' When I rushed out, I reflected The people who are full of streets and the burning houses, the raging fire illuminate the night sky, many villagers carry water to extinguish the fire, and many people are rushing to remove the wooden house next door, trying to cut off the fire. The owner of the fire house, Xu Auntie, was crying dimly. Her son, my classmate, was scared and shivering. I hugged him tightly. He twitched in my body and shouted: 'Hey - smashed, burned - burned...'

Xu Auntie’s house was completely burned down. My house was separated from his house by four houses. Because the second house was forcibly demolished, the fire did not spread, but I was scared enough.

On New Year's Eve, after eating New Year's Eve, the family did not dare to order bamboo slices and spent an unforgettable glimpse in the dark.

After many years, the bamboo rafts have finally withdrawn from history. Once, in a friend's house, my friend lit up the electric light, showed off the brightness to me, and took out the 'three-purpose machine' that had been using the battery for a long time. While playing the cheerful music, he said to me with a fluttering voice: 'There is electricity. I can do a lot of things...' He talked to me about the future, and his mouth was flying and lingering.

This is a new light brought about by reform and opening up.

A few years ago, on a sunny morning, a classmate named Lu invited me to play at his house. I didn't want to go. Previously, he invited me many times, I have not been there. Because his family lives in the natural village of the village of Hangkeng, not only the mountain is high, but the road is not accessible. What is even worse is that his family has no electricity.

'Our family has electricity!' He was afraid that I would not go, the first sentence is to say this.

'Is it?' I don't believe it. 'You only have two families in your village. It's just a lot of money to build a pole and pull a wire. Who will pay?'

The old classmate was extremely excited to say: 'It must be the money of the public. The people in the power department brought the wires to our village. They were officially powered up yesterday.'

On the way to my friend's house, I saw a row of neat cement poles, and several wires stretched out into the depths of the mountains. This is the grid connected to the provincial network. For the electricity consumption of the two farmhouses, how much money it costs, they pay a lifetime of electricity, and maybe they can't buy a pole. Therefore, for the rural power grid reconstruction project, the villagers said: 'The government is very good, and it does not hesitate to do things for the people.'

Nowadays, the people will no longer worry about using electricity. It is reported that there are almost several small hydropower stations and a 35 kV substation in various towns and towns in Pucheng. The strong power supply network provides high-quality power services to the people, and a number of new power supply facilities are still under construction. The 110 kV substation in Jiumu Town broke ground in early 2008. The key project of the province - 220 kV Pucheng Dangui Substation is expected to complete the construction project in December this year.

The hometown of the future will be brighter.

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