[People experience] a kerosene lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-03

On New Year's Eve, the light bulb in the house suddenly burned and the room suddenly darkened. The mother was black and prepared for the New Year's Eve, and told me to find the kerosene lamp at home to help.

I found the kerosene lamp from the corner, and by the light of the stove, I unscrewed the lamp cover and added kerosene. The fire was lit and the room was slowly lit up. Since it has not been used for a long time, the lamp cover is covered with dust. Before the village was electrified in 1992, my family had been using this simple kerosene lamp. It is simple because it is made of a discarded medicine bottle by the mother. The bottle cap is perforated with a red-hot tongs, and then a cover that protects the lamp with a toothpaste is inserted into the bottle cap. Cotton or thread ends.

The days of lighting with kerosene lamps, although bitter, are as warm as the lights. As night falls, the kerosene lamp lights up, and people in the house come and go, and the enlarged figure on the wall is very interesting. Before the mother cooks, my sister will always teach me and my brother to demonstrate the hand shadow, until now I will also demonstrate animal heads such as dogs, cats and rabbits.

After my brother went to junior high school, the family passed the electricity. But his father wiped the kerosene lamp brightly, took dozens of miles to the school, and gave his brother a self-study in the third quarter. Later, I read the third day, and this kerosene lamp was accompanied by the day and night of my preparation. Perhaps because of this, I have a special feeling for this kerosene lamp.

I found the rag, wiped the kerosene lamp clean, cut off the lamp, and the room was brighter than before. The kerosene lamp emitted a faint light, reflecting the busy figure of the mother. At this time, I realized that the kerosene lamp is still the lamp, and the person who has been guarding the lamp is my parents. They gave us life, warmth, and a kerosene lamp.

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