Overfulfilled the half-year promotion plan for engineering lamps in 2013

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-10
Recently, snooker's all-copper lamp has sent good news. According to the work plan of the general manager's office's annual Project Lighting development plan, the annual project lighting production task was completed 15 million yuan. As of July 31, the engineering department of the company has completed the engineering lighting business of more than 15. 2 million yuan, exceeding the annual engineering lighting business task five months ahead of schedule. At the end of 2012, the general manager's office of the company made an in-depth and detailed analysis of the development trend of the lamp market in 2013, sensitive tax found that the engineering lighting market in 2013 is an industry with an obvious upward trend on the basis of the overall sales decline. Therefore, the company decided to shift the focus of work in 2013 to the research and development of engineering lamps and the expansion of engineering lamps and lanterns business. Quickly set up the engineering lighting business department, and gave a lot of support in financial, material and human resources. In the promotion process of engineering lamps and lanterns, snooker Mercure copper lamps have avoided the price war of traditional engineering lamps and lanterns enterprises and the misunderstanding of the same engineering lamps and lanterns style. Decisively based on the field of high-end engineering lamps, it is required to regard each engineering lamp project as its own model project. Regardless of the business volume of the engineering lamps, the designer will come to the scene and repeatedly negotiate with the designer and the owner of the lamp project, in order to maximize the best performance of each engineering lamp.
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