Outdoor wall lamp SB03218-03, let your otaku get up!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-28
Villas with high-end atmosphere always give people a feeling of magnificence and wealth. When decorating villas, it is estimated that most people will think that the big chandelier in the living room of villas is the leading role, but it is not, when you step into the villa, the first thing you see may be the wall lamp at the door, the outdoor wall lamp SB03218-03, let your otaku get up! Outdoor wall lamps will be installed at the entrance of most Villas. First, they are used for lighting, which is convenient for everyone to enter and exit. Second, they are used for decoration. Install SB03218-on both sides of the gate- 03 this wall lamp will instantly make your villa more classy SB03218- 03 is an all-copper outdoor wall lamp, with a fully enclosed design, waterproof and moisture-proof, can be safely installed outdoors. The clear glass lampshade is more transparent. The whole lamp body is made of copper. The lampshade is also decorated with exquisite all-copper carvings. The bronze color is just matched with the classic European villa. It is classical and elegant, and looks more classy. The following is the outdoor wall lamp SB03218-03 installation effect real shot.
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