Outdoor courtyard lamp dustproof and waterproof level

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
For some large-scale outdoor projects or villa garden decoration, a waterproof and dustproof outdoor courtyard lamp is essential, today, the author introduces the waterproof and dustproof effects of outdoor courtyard lamps from two directions: waterproof and dustproof. The dustproof level is divided into the following 7 Levels 0: No Protection 1: prevent large solids from invading 2: prevent medium-sized solids from invading 3: prevent small solids from entering 4: prevent solids larger than 1mm from entering 5: prevent harmful dust from accumulating 6: completely prevent dust from entering the waterproof level is divided into the following 9 levels 0: No Protection 1: no impact on water droplets entering the Shell 2: when the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, the drop of water drops into the shell has no effect. 3: water or rainwater falling from 60 degrees to the shell has no effect 4: liquid splashing from any direction to the shell has no harm effect 5: flushing with water has no harm 6: can be used in the environment of the cabin 7: can be resistant to flooding in a short time (1 m) 8: under a certain pressure, the dustproof and waterproof grade of outdoor courtyard lamps introduced by snooker Meiju for a long time is generally IP65, which completely prevents dust accumulation and does not cause any harm when washed with water.
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