Our company's engineering lighting Polish exhibition Returns Triumphantly

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
Yesterday, our company participated in the Polish engineering lighting exhibition and returned home. Poland international lighting equipment exhibition was held in Warsaw International Exhibition Center, which was founded in 1993. It is the largest professional lighting exhibition in Poland and one of the most influential professional lighting exhibitions in Eastern Europe, once a year. The engineering department of our company went to the exhibition with the high-quality engineering lamps successfully customized before. Its perfect product quality and novel design attracted a large number of audiences from Eastern Europe and EU countries to stop in front of the booth. In particular, some designers from Poland, India, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Spain and other countries have shown great interest in our engineering lamps. When they heard that we said that they could customize engineering lamps in an unlimited number, they said that they must give their best role to our engineering lamps department. In recent years, the large-scale expansion of investment and construction in Warsaw and its surrounding areas in Poland has directly spawned a large demand for engineering lamps. Especially in the past three years, with the development of Poland, its own engineering lamp market has also developed extremely rapidly, increasing at a rate of nearly 37% every year, this is undoubtedly a fertile ground for us to open up new markets for engineering lamps and expand new businesses. It is for this purpose that we participated in this exhibition. According to reports, the lighting exhibition lasted for three days. Our company received more than 1500 business cards from designers and engineering dealers from all over the world, and the engineering lighting intention order was more than 500 thousand yuan.
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