Ou crystal wall lamp used for which kinds of style of the house

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-18
Ou crystal wall lamp is suitable for the use of which kinds of style of the house: a room if fitted ou crystal wall lamp can rapidly improve the atmosphere of the room and the sense that gives a person, including homeowners at once the sense that gives a person is not the same. This is the charm of European crystalline light. So, what kind of house to suit to use continental crystal wall lamp? 1, if our house decoration is tricked into European style, the color of that our house is brown and dark yellow a little more, so let's choose crystal chandelier bulbs color choose a bit more dense solemnly. 2, our home decoration if partial Europe type style, you can't say your home decoration style is pure Chinese style you got a Europe type droplight, although now everyone on Chinese style. 3, european-style crystal wall lamp is metal on which he is, so can give a person a kind of special sense just like everyone with a watch. Is the total metal texture, with jin ying and transparent crystal, and reflect the dazzling light, charming be nasty. So everybody when choosing ou crystal wall lamp decoration style must be combined with their own homes. Related searches: European style crystal droplight, the modern crystal droplight, details please visit: http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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