ottawa lrt station sound & light show coming summer 2017

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-17
For the first time many have seen the new federal line in Ottawa may be a flashy line.
Local politicians and Ottawa 2017 Group announced on Wednesday morning that the future Lyon station on the western edge of the city\'s core will hold a future, interactive sound and light show next summer.
Canada Empire commercial bank specified the lead sponsor Ottawa 2017 celebration Juno Award 2017 Months to Ottawa Canada capital Ottawa Tourism hope of. 2017 organizers the hope of free program will be 300,000 day access June to September 2017, the \"cornerstone\" city tour puts itself at the forefront of Canada\'s 150 birthday celebration.
Guy laflamy, executive director of Ottawa 2017, said: \"This will be the first underground multimedia production in the world . . . . . . It will bring great international visibility to Ottawa . \".
\"Part of Ottawa\'s 2017 is changing how people think about our city.
We hope to present a more modern technical image for our city, which is a perfect choice.
\"The familiar partner Montreal Moment Factory beat 11 other bidding companies, just as it did with the summer sound and light show mosaika held on Capitol Hill from 2010 to 2014.
\"This will be the place to travel as close as possible to time,\" Laflamme said . \".
\"Our goal is not to let people know our history, but to let people know our future and inspire people\'s imagination about the future of our city and the future of our country.
\"You\'re not sitting down to watch the show, you have to walk around and discover different things,\" said sakchinbessette, a colleague at the factory at the moment. founder.
\"It\'s a really inspiring type of context for us, especially in
Construction sites that have never been seen before.
Working from this space will be very inspiring and this space will decide to install.
City of Ottawa mayor Jim Watson says he receives calls from residents every week asking for a visit to the light rail station or tunnel, which will be the first time many people will have a chance to see the light rail station or tunnel.
He said that this will not affect the current schedule for the opening of the Federal line in 2018.
Ottawa 2017 multimedia light rail broadcast video hype. pic. twitter.
Com/7 klWIIuiyz $3 to $4 costLaflamme said that the price tag of $3 million to $4 million will be on their own, sponsor
He said that some equipment will be used for the rest of 2017 to continue to hold multimedia art performances at light rail stations and other parts of the city.
\"A large part of these investments will be used in a variety of applications over the course of the year,\" he said . \".
\"Ottawa 2017 will have an impact of over $0. 326 billion on consumer direct spending, which is a very good one (
Return on Investment).
Laflamme said: \"Ottawa 2017 has launched about half of its plans for next year, including Junos, a big picnic on the Alexander bridge and a Red Bull crash at the World Skating Championships at Laurel Castle.
The City and Ottawa 2017 still hope to bring the outdoor NHL competition between 2017 gray cup and Senator Ottawa and Canadian Montreal to Ottawa.
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