ottawa installing 58,000 led streetlights, despite health warning

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-07
Ottawa is becoming home to about 58,000 LED street lights.
Even a recent health warning has some AmericanS.
Rethinking the city of energySaving strategy.
In 2015, the city established a partnership with Ottawa Energy, a subsidiary of Ottawa Hydro, through four-year period.
However, this summer, the American Medical Association issued a report warning of certain heights.
Strong led lights can lead to \"discomfort and disability\" and bright residential night lighting can lead to poor sleep, obesity and impaired daytime function.
LED traffic lights are in trouble in winter as they do not melt snow lights and may affect the number of bats, studies have shown that LED produces white light and designers mix yellow and blue
According to toRobert Dick, a physics professor at the University of Ottawa, and a long-standing Study, blue light can disrupt human circadian rhythms
Time dark sky claims.
\"Life on Earth has evolved for 4 billion years, and light and darkness are in stark contrast.
It\'s in our DNA . \"
\"Once you destroy that light --
Once you add lights at night
It\'s losing US biochemistry.
There is no winner at this point.
\"The city says there are a lot of benefits to the new LED lights, including lower maintenance costs and better vision for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.
Listen to Robert Dick\'s entire interview here.
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