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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-26
Transit Address is a unique registered brand of Air Express, which mainly provides transportation services, headquartered in Mumbai, India.
Unique Air Express is a well-known big company in the field of international logistics and Express delivery services, serving leading Indian brands such as Godrej, Mitsubishi, Jain Irrigation, video on, SKF bearings, finolex Cables and more.
Unique Air express is a trusted name in the import and export supply chain for the past 12 years.
We have thousands of customers shopping and shipping to India in the US, or many of them send packages to their relatives from the US, UK.
Unique Air Express is now starting to provide international shopping services for individuals and ship to India in the name of a transit address.
Transit address is one of the emerging, extensive and final addresses in Indiato-
End the online shopping and transportation logistics partners.
A lot of the time, you will encounter this situation, the product you want is not available in India, but you can see its availability in the US, UK, UAE and other countries.
You can purchase directly from these sites, but most of them are not shipped to India.
Some sites offer international shipping services such as Amazon international shipping services, but it doesn\'t work for all the products you want, or you may face customs clearance issues if there is one.
The transit address is one-
Stop suppliers for international shopping and delivery to India, hassle free customs clearance and last mile delivery.
Shop online from anywhere in the world.
Currently, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai )
And will start serving the rest of the world in the near future.
With high quality, advanced logistics and freight services, it is the most popular and trusted name in global transportation.
Currently, Transit Address offers free international shipping for first international shopping through our app.
Transit addresses can help you get lightning deals in various markets from the ocean of e-commerce.
Now, choose brand products at the best competitive price from the online shopping portal and pick them up at the door with just a few mouse clicks.
Experience a seamless shopping and delivery experience while saving money and time.
You can buy electronic products such as LED lights, microprocessor, head stack, laptop, keyboard, monitor, personal computer, scanner, graphic printer, etc, 0% of import taxes and taxes come from hard drives overseas, etc. Let’s see how.
You may have heard that for customers with gsn & IEC, the import tax after GST is 18%, including 0% basic tariffs and 18% IGST.
Meanwhile, customers without gsn & IEC will pay £ 41. 18% tariff.
Let\'s take an example: let\'s say A and B import A laptop from the United States with A basic cost equal to $899. e. Rs.
57. 967A has its own gsn, and IEC and B do not have gsn and IEC.
A. Customs duty after IGSTis 18%.
Taxes will be calculated as follows: laptop cost = Rs. 57,967/-
18% of Rs + IGST = Rs. 57, 697 =Rs.
10,434A will pay = 57,967 10,434 = 68,401A tax on goods and services that can be exchanged I. e. Rs.
10,434 in return for gsn & IEC numbers.
B. Customs duties after IGSTIs 41. 18 %.
Taxes will be calculated as follows: laptop cost = Rs.
57,697 igigst = 41. 18 % of Rs. 57,967 =Rs.
23870 B will pay = 57,967 23870 = 81837 while B cannot have an advantage over IGST because he does not have gsn and IEC.
In other words, A Gets products in India with 0% of tariffs and taxes.
At some point we want to make sure you really want these valuable details that we send, so we ask you to make a commercial purchase in advance with a 0% import tax.
Please contact our customer service for assistance.
Landline: 91 020-6720000018002091025 Email: contact @ transitaddress.
@ Uniqueairexpress. Website: www. transitaddress. comwww.
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