One day into the full copper lamp manufacturer

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
The production process of all-copper lamps cannot be completed overnight. Unlike modern assembly line operations, things come out of twin sisters over and over again in the wooden operation of the machine, the all-round copper lamps of snooker are all experienced. Under the carving of the years, the exquisite ones are slowly cast. Snooker beauty home all copper lamp manufacturers want a big family, in this big family, everyone is an indispensable role, you see, the sculptor is carefully carving the pattern on the all copper lamp, focused eyes, I was so absorbed that I was afraid that there would be a little flaw in my masterpiece. Every piece of snooker was made by the Masters. From soldering, yellowing, dewaxing, sealing oil and other processes are all handled by the Masters, and even the embroidery on the fabric lampshade is also embroidered by our embroidered aunt. Therefore, every product of snooker is injected with painstaking efforts. It's almost time to get off work, and Snow's employees get together and talk after work. Those all-copper lamps are also in their respective posts; Stay here. Snooker Meiju all-copper lamp factory has been producing and researching all-copper lamps for 18 years. 36 processes have been used to create each All-copper lamp with heart, do a good job of lamps with heart, and fear every penny of customers. For more information, please call the National Free Service Hotline: 400-800- Part of the picture of the 7609 snooker all copper lamp exhibition hall:
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