On the importance of lighting design

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-12
Lighting design is a flexible and interesting design element in life. Nowadays, in interior design, lighting can not only provide a good lighting environment to meet people's living functions and physiological functions, but also artistic processing of indoor environment by using the expression of light, it has attracted more and more attention to beautify the indoor environment, improve the spatial effect, and set off the atmosphere and artistic conception. Generally, simple lighting design can be divided into direct and indirect lighting. Direct Lighting refers to those direct light, such as chandeliers and spotlights. The light is scattered directly at the designated position, projecting circles of light and shadow for lighting or highlighting the theme, direct and simple. Indirect lighting can play a unique function in creating atmosphere and create different artistic conception. Its light will not directly shine to the ground, but will be placed behind the concave wall, ceiling, or behind the wall decoration. The light will be projected onto the wall and then reflected to the ground, the soft light seems to gently wash the entire space, gentle and romantic. The appropriate combination of these two lights can create a warm space artistic conception. Some are bright and lively, and some are soft, in order to show the unique personality of the light through the contrast, and exude extraordinary artistic charm. In the use of home lighting, the bedroom should be warm, the study and kitchen should be bright and practical, the living room should be rich, layered and artistic, the restaurant should be romantic, and the bathroom should be warm and soft. Therefore, lighting design in life is really very important.
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