On the choice of lamps and lanterns of hotel rooms, custom will be more convenient!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
Hotel rooms is a core area of the hotel, the time for customers to stay in the hotel room is the oldest, any facilities and articles in guest room will make customers enjoy the different feelings. Hotel room lamp is indispensable to a lighting products. Hotel room lamp is not only used for illumination, or guest room decoration items. The modelling of lamps and lanterns and light colors to the guest room has a lot of adornment effect, the lamps and lanterns of different theme hotel design form also has the very big difference, so there are a lot of customers will be adornment effect because of the hotel guest room lights and affection. Hotel guest room lights usually have a desk lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, dome light to wait for a few kinds. Hotel lamp is acted the role of the adornment result that usually embodied through two aspects, one is matching the modelling of the lamp itself and the environment, the second is light by light irradiation to guest room environment and mutual collocation, so the hotel guest room lights of guest room environment has the very good adornment effect.
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