of dates and chandeliers at a faded landmark hotel

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Edit: Your article on Alexander Hamilton (
In June 25, Paterson hoped that the rebirth of the hotel would lead the development of the city.
But I would point out that the hotel opened in 1925, not in 1930.
By the way, the damaged ballroom chandelier in the photo attached to this article was there on 1925 and was adapted on the 18 th
Century Lighting Fixtures
As you pointed out, the bar-
Called Grill Room-
It\'s where Patterson\'s promoters meet. Joseph G.
Patsy County Republican power agent Bozo eats at the restaurant once a week.
It\'s too bad these scarred, dirty walls can\'t talk because they have a lot of stories to tell. EDWARD A.
The letter of the SMYK Passaic County historian PatersonA version was printed on page NJ13 of the National edition on July 30, 1995, with the title: the date and chandelier of a faded landmark hotel.
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