【] O2O orders came one after another, is it a 'busy' word! ! !

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
Snooker Mercure happy news: Chongqing East Coast Qixiang lighting market lamp edge lighting turnover O2O order amount of 16000 customers from snooker Mercure Tmall to find us, is a leap floor small foreign-style house decoration, through snooker Mercure sales staff follow-up customers have been sold. In March, snooker Mercure invited merchants for O2O dealers. In just over a month, more than 50 O2O dealers were signed. Among them, some guests also asked: Is your 0202 good? I can't directly tell you whether you are good or not, and speak with facts. In March, we launched an investment promotion campaign in full swing, in April, many customers who have already signed O2O distributors have felt the advantage of this model. In fact, many enterprises have been doing 020 model in recent years, it's just that some conditions were not mature at that time, so we didn't implement this model until this year. Nowadays, many physical store customers are responding to the impact of the Internet, making business more and more difficult, in fact, we used to recommend customers to dealers. Now our 020 model is just to make this process more systematic and standardized. We have launched the sales model of combining the Internet and physical stores this year, including many things: online promotion, customer source recommendation, resource integration, offline transactions, offline services, etc. , nowadays consumers' shopping patterns and consumption habits have undergone earth-shaking changes. Missing the Internet is not an opportunity, but an era! ! !
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