O2O lighting join orders one after another!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
Congratulations to Hubei Wuhan ouyada successfully took a 020 order! Since snooker Meiju launched the 020 lighting joining model, our dealers have really made a profit, and 020 orders have been made one after another! Take the 020 order that was sold this time. The customer started to find us on Tmall in late March. The customer was very clear about the style and chose the style he liked. However, due to doubts about the price, he has been entangled, considering. With the efforts of the sales staff, the customer's doubts were broken one by one, and finally the customer decided to place an order for purchase. The customer made a deal, and we immediately pushed the order to 020 dealer ouyada in Wuhan. Zhang always told us that the customer had seen it in the physical store before, but he had not bought it because of the price. Later, the customer came to the Tmall to find us, and finally made a deal to buy in Tmall. This is the snooker Mercure 020 model, which combines online and offline. Orders made online are directly pushed to dealers, and dealers can easily get rebates. If you have any questions about the joining of snooker Meiju 020 lighting, you can call the national toll-free hotline of snooker Meiju directly: 400-8007609.
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