Nordic style with all-copper chandelier, face and lining

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-08
Nowadays, among many decoration styles, Nordic style has been favored by more and more people, especially young people now love it. The Nordic style has the characteristics of simplicity, nature and humanization. It does not need pattern and pattern decoration, but only uses lines and color blocks to distinguish embellishment. Therefore, the Nordic style is also famous for its simplicity. When it comes to Nordic decoration, the matching of lamps and lanterns is naturally a common topic. Many people will think that they should match simple Nordic-style lamps, such as some wooden lamps or simple wrought iron lamps, but you will find that the matching effect is OK, but I always feel that there will be something missing. What is it? It's taste, it's grade! The Nordic style is matched with exquisite all-copper chandeliers. It is beautifully shaped and looks classy. It really has face and lining. The following small series will show you the matching effect.
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