Non-standard custom lighting commonly used some of the material and the related introduction

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
- - - - - - - - - - - - Kinds of lamp is acted the role of various term on the market, from the main material of lamp act the role ofing to identify, can be divided into marble lamp, crystal lamp, ceramic lamp, cloth lamp, etc. Due to the material of lamp act the role ofing, features are different. Crystal lamp mainly manufactured after processing of crystal, the lamp arm is given priority to with glass, acrylic, metal. The copper lamp arm long using time, it is not easy oxidation discoloration. Made of acrylic light arm using a long pale yellow easily. Glass lamp arm using a long time but fragile. With chrome plated metal easy oxidation discoloration. The lamps and lanterns of marble lamp is made of Spanish imported marble). Imports are divided into two kinds, one kind is scrap imports, another is imported high quality material. The price is more expensive, Spanish marble natural stone lamps and lanterns unique sense. Domestic custom lighting generally imitation marble material, imitation marble material should not only possess the character of natural stone, natural, vivid color, but also to ensure that a lack of environmental health. Although in the early days be restricted by technology has some defects, but with the improvement of production technology, the image of its high-end as good as natural stone, even because of design and color, texture abundant mercurial greasy and more better. Compared with radiation pollution, scagliola is not only not radioactive, but also avoid the natural marble color intensity uneven defects. Ceramic lamp ceramic lamp is manufactured ceramic lamp. There are high temperature resistant ceramic lamps and lanterns, light absorption of heat absorption properties. Due to the thin stock ceramic, lamps and lanterns is very light. The lamp is wood more, common right of Chinese style style. If home use is annatto furniture, deserve to go up ceramic light effect is very good. Cloth lamp in addition to the design, main value of cloth art lamp is cloth art. Cloth art imported and domestically produced two, two kinds of the price difference is bigger. Because after a flame retardant treatment, the light on the cloth is high temperature resistant and heat, guaranteed safe and sound. The traditional cloth lamp let a person feel gentle warmth. But in practice, in addition to create a warm and romantic breath, also can use colors such as black silk cloth art lamp, and other materials such as glass crystal create alternative, personality and modern breath. The lamp of other material such as glass lamp glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, but fragile and physical limits. Lighting suitable is the best choice when the choose and buy, do not consciously tend to be some kind of lamp act the role ofing!
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