Non-standard custom all aspects of lamps and lanterns

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
Browse the release date - - - - - - - Non-standard customized non-standard design also is, meaning is a standard size design. According to the customer's requirements, under the premise of without changing the product quality, can change the style of lamps and lanterns or within a certain scope the increase or decrease in the size of the width, height and thickness; To replace the original lamp body with other types of lamp body, etc. In this era of personalization, customize this words in various industries and society was mentioned in the crowd. Small to a large life appliance to a luxury, this as human industrialization process of high speed and is becoming more and more popular today, custom lamps and lanterns is no longer the privilege of the rich, more and more common social groups also joined the ranks. In the process of customization, what need to be aware of, how to choose the manufacturers. Origin and development of custom lighting lamps and lanterns custom is not only a matter of lamps and lanterns of style of production, but covers the creative design, structure design, production process, packaging, logistics and so on various aspects of customization. Such a custom service popular in Europe, America and Japan for many years. Mass customization is popular at home and abroad in more than ten years of manufacturing a new production mode, it with the agility of the operation, rapid response to individual customer requirements. Lamps and lanterns, as a kind of durable consumer goods, its function is not only physical, and spiritual, people when lamps and lanterns of choose and buy more of a great personality. In the upscale office lighting, lighting, high-grade hotels catering, real estate example room illumination, villa lighting scheme when the choice, many of them need lighting custom, not the style of customization to fit in the space, size, and personalized needs. Non-standard customized process non-standard customization process of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns is different from general lighting of choose and buy, the first lighting designers need to have a close contact and communication with users, learn the user's interest and need a place to style, then the door measurement, design reasonable lighting customized programs. Mainly divided into the following steps, lighting designer and customer communication, understand customer needs and wants. , ac indoor decorate a style to demand, according to the detailed record analysis, preliminary lighting scheme is determined. , determine the lamps and lanterns of lighting installation, placement, lighting size. And multi-dimensional measurement, accurate measuring the lamps and lanterns in the use of space required for size and layout, including lamps and lanterns, cloth art, carpet, adornment, furnishing articles, etc the flow of visual changes, colour collocation, material texture is tie-in. Design, drawing drawings. Preliminary design and communication. Adjustments, for consultation, and eventually achieve satisfaction. , production material, surface treatment, etc. , to communicate in completion of lamps and lanterns to invite customer visit, etc. , after the completion of the production to make an appointment delivery installation time, lighting fitting, packing, delivery and installation. As a star hotel lighting engineering products suppliers, huasheng lighting with excellent product quality, exquisite manufacturing technology, strong service team, and product price advantage today accomplished huasheng light industry status and the sustainable development for many years, has been successful in guangdong, fujian, jiangsu and zhejiang provinces, each, the Beijing and tianjin, Shanghai and other regions by many design company and project to party a as a reliable cooperation partner of sincerity, star-level hotels and KTV club success for domestic and other non-standard lighting custom project has completed the design, configuration and production of lamps and lanterns.
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