【]New product Atlas is available today

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-01
After nearly half a year of intensive preparations, the fifth edition of the all-copper lamp brochure of snooker Meiju finally met with the world today. This is exactly a very good Atlas of all-copper lamp manufacturers I have seen. This is not only a very beautiful Atlas, but also has a strong sales force; The first snooker to get the album, the Xi'an full copper lamp store, said to the general manager. As we all know, the album is the business card of the enterprise. It condenses the history and development direction of the enterprise and plays an irreplaceable role in showing the corporate culture to the public and promoting the company's products. However, in the all-copper lamp industry, due to various reasons, the picture albums of various manufacturers are similar in conception or form, and they all lack new ideas in theme or form. Even some manufacturers have adopted the method of bringing ideas, directly taking other all-copper lamp companies to make yesterday's good Atlas and changing them into their own all-copper lamp Atlas through relevant technical means, therefore, its impact on the target consumers has been greatly discounted. In response to this phenomenon, Luo Yongcheng, general manager of snooker Meiju, after careful consideration, positioned this album as: reflecting a value, an atmosphere, an appeal, it makes people feel the beauty of snooker in the beauty of beauty and writing. ; And personally put the knife into battle, from the preparation of each full copper lamp to the layout of the photo scene, from the copy editing of the album, from the typography to the final version of the sample book, have devoted a lot of effort.
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