new lighting store steeped in tradition.

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Signature: Nancy Meyer Stamford-
At a time when retail failures were common, the drop-off showroom in Fairfield\'s upscale County was reborn and thriving.
Stamford Lighting Equipment Co. , Ltd.
It is located in the prime area of Hope Street, and experienced sales staff have brought huge growth to it in the first few months.
\"We opened Sept.
And have been very busy.
\"We were pleasantly surprised,\" said boss Jonathan Levin . \"
The family has a generation of lighting executives with a rich history in business. Levine\'s great-
Grandpa Herman Abrams runs United light.
At the turn of the 20 th century, Bridgeport was a supplier of lamps until it went bankrupt during the Great Depression.
Levin\'s grandfather, Martin Levin, opened MarLe.
As a power supply company in Stamford in 1925.
Later passed on to Levin\'s father and uncle.
Jonathan bought it from his uncle in 1996, and in 1999, when European enterprise Sonepar approached, Levin sold it, but saw the retail slump.
Levinelaun was frustrated by the lack of investment and interest, but he believed there was a huge lighting opportunity in the community and he started a new business. With no non-
Under the competition agreement, Levin leased a former hardware store, removed it, and opened the Stamford lighting equipment company.
He and his cousin Nancy Levin (
Have nearly 30 years of business)
Scallions (
Started working for Martin Levin on 1947)
John Pellegrino (
Started working with family in 1953)
Manage the store.
These experiences, coupled with relationships with local businesses, are the key to differentiate Stanford lighting from its competitors.
\"Customers still need a lot of help with lighting.
Everyone wants low halogen.
Voltage, but it\'s not necessarily the best lighting in every case, or they want track lighting in the kitchen, which is wrong, \"says Jonathan Levin.
\"It\'s interesting,\" he added . \".
\"I\'m four generations, and so is Nancy.
In our blood. . . .
We are a small shop in a small town.
\"By the way, the Sonepar department that took over MarLe is cleaning up the lighting showroom section of MarLe, an official said.
Adhering to the tradition of New England, the classification of Stamford lighting is tilted from seagull lighting, Wilshire, brass tradition, ELK lighting, etc. to colonial and traditional styles.
The unique arts and crafts of Arroyo artisans and landmark-illuminated artianystyles look outstanding.
Good, Better, Best combination grouped by style includes brass, iron, Crystal, Tiffany-
Style and contemporary.
Bathtub, outdoor, embedded/Track and components and accessories in 6,000-square-foot showroom.
A Juno Lighting demo room for embedded, track and low
Voltage track will eventually be used to host contractor breakfast and workshops.
Local print advertising, radio and direct mail have reached the level of consumers and trade.
Stanford\'s high-end by elegant etched glassWilshire half
Flush bracket and chandelier for over $1,800.
The opening price of basic torchieres and brass floor lamps is very competitive.
His powerful portable business surprised Levin, but he didn\'t think about getting involved in decorative accessories other than hanging mirrors and clocks.
\"We are still trying to find the right level of business,\" Levine said . \"
\"We are still adding inventory and new production lines.
\"The outdoors and landscape are also outstanding and the business is expected to be very strong.
Framburg, Hannover, kishler and Murray Feissfixtures are displayed on the moving Battenwall displays.
In addition, the large exquisite 14 colonial lantern greetcustomers large check on the entrance and side-
A counter that allows four salespeople to serve the customer.
In fact, in order to avoid queuing at the front desk, six service desks were added, equipped with scanners and credit card swiping keyboards, and queuing at the periphery.
To maintain efficiency, each project has a bar code so that management can take stock on a regular basis.
\"At any time, I can check the speed of the items and turnover and make a better judgment,\" Levine said . \".
He\'s still trying lean inventory, just-in-
Delivery time of supplier.
\"It remains to be seen whether this idea will work here.
\"Suppliers, particularly seagull lighting, expressed support for Stamford lighting.
\"The seagulls have always been huge, common with the monitor
\"Op dollars, timely shipping and finance,\" Levinesaid said. Caption(s)
: Above: boss Jonathan Levin and cousin Nancy Levin, both fourth place
A generation of lighting executives managing the new stamford lighting equipment companystore.
/Left: the high white and open layout of Stamford lighting makes it feel spacious, while architectural details such as white bead walls, crown molding and pillars in front of the large checkout counter give a unique New England feel.
/Below: Tiffany-
The style lighting area is adjacent to the Juno Lighting track and the embedded demo room with portable equipment and fixtures.
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