New house decoration, how to choose the light source of the living room chandelier?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
New house decoration, lamps and lanterns have been fully equipped, but there is no experience in the choice of light source, many people will think that as long as it is bright enough, in fact, this is not the case, take the living room chandelier for example, the choice of light source for the living room chandelier is very important. From the light source power, first of all, according to your living room area to determine which type of light source to install. The LED used in the general living room chandelier on the market is generally 20- About 50 watts, if it is a patch, a single lamp bead is 1-1. 5 watts. From the color of the light source, many will choose energy-saving lamps or LED light sources, because these two light sources have warm light and white light. In the general home environment, it is recommended that the living room chandelier choose warm light 2700- 3000K color temperature, soft light, warm, white light 5000- 5500K color temperature, fresh and bright, so you can better avoid not hurting your eyes. In fact, the living room chandelier does not stipulate how much wattage the light source should be matched, and what color light source should be matched, mainly according to the decoration style of your home, of course, mainly depends on your personal preference.
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