New full copper chandelier Exhibition Hall finalized

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-26
On May 15, the new all-copper chandelier exhibition hall in snooker United States was successfully signed. Exhibition hall area 580 m². It is estimated that there will be 450 all-copper lamp positions. It is understood that this is the third time that the snooker all-copper chandelier has expanded the all-copper chandelier exhibition hall. This enterprise has a 16-year history of producing all-copper chandeliers. At present, the product line of all-copper chandeliers has reached more than 280 series of 2800 all-copper chandeliers. It has increased by nearly 80% from last year. Obviously, the company's original all-copper chandelier exhibition hall has completely failed to adapt. From another point of view, after 16 years of development and precipitation, the snooker Meiju brand has developed into a famous brand in the all-copper chandelier industry. Its original decoration design and exhibition hall layout can no longer meet the current needs. In addition, with the continuous development of China's all-copper chandelier market, it has now entered a stage of rapid growth. While the demand for all-copper chandeliers in the market is increasing, all-copper chandelier brands have also sprung up. In order to make the terminal distributors stand out among many brands of all-copper chandeliers, in addition to providing them with all-copper chandeliers with higher cost performance, more needs to be displayed at the terminal, and the value of the product on the brand image. In view of these reasons, snooker has repeatedly discussed and determined to transform the company's product image and brand image.
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