New decoration options for low-floor-Copper ban diao deng

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-25
At present, there are many types of real estate on the market, and the height of the house type will be limited when choosing lighting fixtures, such as when choosing chandeliers in the living room, when the floor height is not very good, the space will be squeezed, making the space not comfortable enough. If you choose a ceiling lamp, it will appear to be not enough atmosphere and show your identity. So there is a new choice--All copper semi-chandelier. All-copper semi-chandelier is a brand-new variety based on between chandelier and ceiling lamp. The general structure of all-copper semi-chandelier is composed of ceiling Cup, pull rod, light source part, lampshade body, etc. The structure of the all-copper semi-chandelier makes it more flexible than the chandelier and more atmospheric than the ceiling lamp, so the all-copper semi-chandelier is also a popular variety at present. The application range of all-copper semi-chandeliers is also relatively wide. They can be used in living rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, aisles, etc. The installation of all-copper semi-chandeliers is also very convenient. Only wires need to be connected and suction cups need to be installed, install the light source and fix the lampshade with a pull rod, which saves a lot of time and energy. It should be noted that all-copper semi-chandeliers are not especially suitable for outdoor environments such as balconies. Try to avoid using all-copper semi-chandeliers in these places, and you can choose ceiling lamps.
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