New copper chandelier SZ50768-11 The appearance is high, it is so capricious

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-24
SZ50768- 11 is a new copper chandelier launched by snooker Meiju. Because of its high appearance, many customers snapped it up as soon as it was launched. I have to say that the appearance is high, it is so capricious! Share a real shot of our customer. This lamp is more versatile, whether it is placed in the living room or the bedroom is very suitable, giving a simple atmosphere. The frosted glass lampshade and thickened all-copper frame make the whole lamp look very delicate. The hanging crystal pendant shines brightly and is very eye-catching. In addition, this all-copper chandelier lampshade can also choose to spray yellow with retro effect, and those who like nostalgic retro style can choose to spray yellow with lampshade. The specifications of this series of lamps are: 9 heads, 11 heads, 16 heads, 20 and other specifications. The corresponding specifications can be selected according to the space area. Cira mei ju recent will have on-line new style copper chandelier everyone please look forward! For more information about all-copper chandeliers, please call the snooker hotline: 400-800-7609.
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