New Chinese style copper living room chandelier: tradition and fashion coexist

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
New Chinese design concept: as a sublimation of traditional decoration style- The new Chinese style has become more and more people's choice of Chinese decoration. The new Chinese style is a modern life concept as a traditional Chinese home style. By extracting the essential elements of traditional home and the reasonable collocation and layout of the life symbol process, in the overall home design, there is not only the traditional charm of Chinese home, but also more in line with the living characteristics of modern people. Take lamps and lanterns for example, the new Chinese-style decoration is accompanied by a new Chinese-style all-copper chandelier. Classical and modern are combined, and tradition and fashion coexist. Xiaobian recommends a new Chinese-style copper living room chandelier for snooker. This SZ07057 series of new Chinese-style all-copper living room chandeliers are simple and elegant, simple and generous, without too much decoration, with traditional Chinese characteristics of Xiangyun frosted glass lampshade, back to the word pattern all copper lamp wall. The whole lamp gives people a feeling of full Chinese style. The bronze color is the main color, and the non-exaggerated color is just right. When you turn on the light, you will find it more beautiful, if your home is a new Chinese style of decoration, I believe you will also like it. This lamp has multiple specifications to choose from and can be selected according to the individual living room area. Learn more about the new Chinese style copper living room chandelier style, you can directly consult the national free hotline of snooker: 400-800-7609.
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