New ceiling lamp SX07035-04A shows the beauty of elegance and luxury

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-26
The chandelier in the living room is often gorgeous, showing the grade of the whole home, which is the responsibility of the facade. In fact, ceiling lamps also play the same role, not just lighting. Snow's new copper ceiling lamp SX07035- 04A is an elegant, luxurious and versatile lamp. This all-copper ceiling lamp lampshade is made of single-sided frosted glass. The inside of the lampshade is frosted, which makes the light projection softer and less dazzling, giving people a hazy feeling. The outside is smooth, in addition, the lampshade is decorated with exquisite copper flowers, which looks more high-end and atmospheric. The all-copper beauty at the bottom is also the finishing touch. It is matched with the copper flower on the lampshade to make this lamp more elegant. The size of this lamp is: W500 * H 220, very suitable for installation in the bedroom, applicable area: 15-20㎡, suitable for E14 screw light source.
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