Mysterious American full copper lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-15
In the simple craft modeling of American all-copper lamps and the exquisite materials made of copper, more abundant decorative effects are realized, which is suitable for matching rooms with various American themes. This article attempts to make a more comprehensive interpretation of American all-copper lamps from various angles such as the material shape, light source height and combination placement of American all-copper lamps. The American-style all-copper lamp material is harmoniously matched, colliding with a variety of American-style inspired design. It is a vivid external image of American-style all-copper lamps, bringing a variety of American styles to meet and collide. In order to accurately express the different expressions of American all-copper lamps, iron, copper, ceramic and crystal materials are carefully used, each with its own charm, which constantly enlarges the artistic spirituality in the collocation of space. Classic American style, suitable for adding crystal lamps or copper American all-copper lamps, bringing a long-standing precipitation of retro atmosphere. The crystal material is crystal clear, and the solid casting is used to brighten the overall color of the room, and it is radiant and radiant. The American-style all-copper floor lamp with delicate lines and rich shapes is easy to create an elegant atmosphere. The rustic American-style bedroom can choose the American-style full copper lamp with a more flexible shape, introducing a rich natural flavor of the countryside, and the rough and meticulous beauty is smooth and harmonious, adding nostalgic feelings to the leisure space. The height of the light source varies from room to room, and the sense of resonance reaches the soul. American all-copper lamps of different heights give the light beam a more flexible angle of expression. The height of the light source is strewn at random, and the individual atmosphere of each space is created and rendered, which reaches the depth of people's perception and resonates with the soul. In the more spacious living room, a rich American full copper chandelier is often the first choice. The sparkling colors are interspersed with each other, giving off a noble texture. Small rooms need more Reiki. Ceiling lamps or chandeliers with smaller diameters can break the depression and create a rich level of small space. In family life, some special spaces have more unique requirements for the lamp source of American all-copper lamps. For example, in a restaurant, you usually chat with your family and friends when you sit down, and the light is set slightly higher than the horizon. In this way, it will not cause our visual obstacles, but also soften the warm and pleasant dining atmosphere. However, for some local lights, such as desk lamps and floor lamps, the light source can also be kept at a slightly higher position in the line of sight. The combination is rich in layers, the overall unity is the principle of collocation, the family lighting has strong plasticity, and the combination of three-dimensional American full copper lamps shows a rich effect. In each space, the main lamp source is matched with the auxiliary lamp source, such as the combination of chandeliers, wall lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps and other different types of lamps to jointly depict the overall living room atmosphere. The style and materials are unified, and the matching of American all-copper lamps is generally not wrong. If it is a combination of two table lamps, the same series of products can be considered to form parallel symmetry; The combination of floor lamp and table lamp is best made in the same color series. A slight difference in appearance can enrich the level. Keep the same tone and break the dullness. This principle is also applicable to the combination of table lamp and wall lamp.
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