Ms. SZ07001 -? Appreciation of real shot effect of 09B all-copper chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
Ms. Chang Dehe of Hunan is installing the all-copper chandelier SZ07001-purchased in snooker today- 09B, the customer told us that as soon as the goods were received, they were unpacked and installed, and the electrician could not wait to share with us the installation effect diagram of the lamp. Because the customer and the restaurant are integrated, the customer has purchased the same series of all-copper chandeliers to be installed in the living room and restaurant. The living room is SZ07001- 15 all copper chandeliers, the specifications are relatively large, set off the atmosphere of the entire customer, the restaurant is SZ07001- 09B, using the design of the bottom pot, 6 all-copper glass solder small side covers, respectively supported by 4 hanging chains, is a semi-hanging all-copper chandelier. The bottom pot is decorated with handmade mosaic, the lampshade is frosted glass, and the light is soft, creating a very warm feeling. The following is the real shot effect after installation.
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