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' Morphology II. A 'LED Art Exhibition landed in Shanghai

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-04
 It is reported that 'morphology theory II. A 'LED Art Exhibition will be launched in Shanghai on November 10th. This will be the first presentation of LED art works in mainland China. It is believed that it will bring a visual feast to Shanghai art lovers. Although we can find the phantom of art in every corner of modern life, unfortunately we are in the era of information explosion, our perception is so chaotic, and art is becoming more and more unknown. The overwhelming sparkle is just to catch our eyes, and we are beginning to become dull in this world. Even so, the new technology - LED (light-emitting diode) still brings us an extraordinary world. Numbers from full-color screens, information boards, billboards to car lighting, traffic lights, cell phone backgrounds and microwave ovens It shows that LED technology has demonstrated extraordinary talent in different fields and replaced a new image in the field of broadcast communication. At the same time, technically, compared with traditional lighting systems, the application of LED can save a lot of energy, greatly reduce heat, and provide a longer life, so the future of LED will become the future of the lighting industry will no longer be suspense. The 'Synonym II. One' art exhibition to be held in Shanghai, by well-known lighting artists and communication design masters - Teddy Lo and COTCO International, JM Rental (formerly known as: Colossus) Video screen) Collaborated with Lighthouse Technologies, a leading company in three LED products. For the first time, Chinese artists will witness the true charm of LED, which is expressed in the senses of sensibility and rationality and art and technology. Teddy is known in the international art world for its application of LED technology. As a genius with a fantasy talent, Teddy combines the elements of technology and aesthetics into his art, building his unique kingdom of light and shadow through digital music and LED art installations. Bringing the world-famous 'morphology' to the DiModica studio in New York and stunning the world with its unprecedented unique image. Subsequently, Teddy was awarded the only Chinese in the world's five 'Who’s Who of Lighting 2004' by the world-renowned 'Lighting' magazine, and highly praised his artistic contribution to the lighting industry. The LED art show brought by the artist Teddy Lo is not for the product, but for the experience of the LED's vitality and its true beauty; the audience will also pay attention to and feel the essence of the long-missed beauty. The artist is building a kingdom of LEDs and is also discovering the essence of life. In the maze of 'morphology two. one', every spectator will dance alone in the journey of their memories. This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to eliminate the barriers of thinking and integrate us with Teddy's philosophy. Exhibition time: November 11, 2005 --- November 30, 2005 Opening Ceremony: November 10, 2005 (3 pm to 6 pm) Venue: Dongda Mingchuang 3rd Floor, No. 713, Dongdaming Road, Hongkou District Shanghai, China 200080 Www.ddmwarehouse.cn Source of information; Shanghai hotline http://news.online.sh.cn Editor: Zheng Yaqin 2005-11-3
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