Modern Chinese chandelier lights up the new fashion of home

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-16
Modern Chinese chandelier is a clever fusion of traditional elements and modern techniques, which not only reflects the verve of Chinese traditional culture, but also has a new design element of modernity. Nowadays, modern Chinese chandeliers are becoming more and more popular. Today, Xiaobian recommends a snooker modern Chinese chandelier. This modern Chinese chandelier has simple and soft lines. The straight-line design of the lamp Wall is the design feature of the traditional Chinese chandelier. It is equipped with a simple cylindrical frosted glass lampshade, make the lines of the whole lamp more rounded and smooth. The all-black lamp body design adds a sense of mystery to this lamp. The Black Lamp body and the white lampshade design, the classic combination of black and white, make this lamp more fashionable. This lamp is very versatile. Whether it is the living room, dining room or bedroom, it is deliberately easy to control. Let's enjoy the installation effect of this modern Chinese chandelier.
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