mini-pendant chandelier made from ikea lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-06
I really like the mini-pendant lights.
The more lights the better!
My vision is to arrange about 20 in one line, scattered in halfOrganic pattern.
I need to build a stand and come up with a way to convert the line voltage to 12 V to power the 10 W light.
I am not an electrician and I am trying to keep this project around $300 so I think it would be better to keep a few existing lowvoltage, mini-pendant lamps.
IKEA connected me with three KRYSSBO lights with some nice glass pendants, bulbs and necessary transformers.
I grabbed a speaker spool, some wood, and I got stuck.
More photos in: John & Kristie Mini-
Pendant ChandelierI got three KRYSBBO models, 7 lights per model, a total of 21 lights.
The light bulbs and Transformers are equipped with lamps.
I use the dremel tool to cut around the metal tube attached to the bulb assembly, revealing a few inches of wires attached to my own wires that will fall off the frame.
A simple rectangular wood, slightly smaller in size, allowing space for wiring and Transformers.
Make sure your frame is thick enough to leave room for your transformer.
It will be heavy, so make sure it is solid.
Gently polish the edges and surfaces, wipe and paint the outer surface of the frame and bracket to match or coordinate with the ceiling.
Connect the wires to the bulb assembly and make them look like night by shrinking
The sliding aluminum pipe or aluminum pipe section is connected by wiring.
Drill holes in the bracket, pass the wire through the hole, and hang the pendant with the knot on the electricity line.
Connect the pendant wiring to the transformer, no more than the total maximum wattage shown on the transformer.
Connect the transformer to the wiring of the lamps at home.
At this point, you can flip the switch and adjust the position of your pendant.
Fixing the mount to the ceiling I had to climb into the attic space, install some 2x4 segments as beams and fix them with support to receive the four transport bolts I drilled on the stand, 2x4 with ceiling and new installation.
The carriage bolt head is concealed with a white plastic cap.
I think this particular way of lighting looks modern.
I \'ve been seeing similar lights in designer magazines, but I can\'t find similar lights in the store --
So I did it myself!
I hope you like the instructions (my first)!
For more projects and information on this, please visit my website: John & Kristie: Mini-
The pendant Qian delier is just a few photos. . .
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