Match all copper chandelier lampshade according to different situations

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-24
There are many kinds of lampshades on the market, including fabric lampshades, metal lampshades, glass lampshades, paper lampshades, etc. The fabric lampshade gives the impression of simplicity and elegance. The Paper lampshade can create a hazy and dreamy atmosphere. The metal lampshade has a cold temperament and a modern feeling. Therefore, we have to match the all-copper chandelier lampshade according to different situations. First, match lampshades according to different places where all copper chandeliers are installed. The all-copper living room chandelier in the living room can be made of linen or glass. The linen lampshade is fresh and natural, which can create a warm family atmosphere. The glass lampshade is resolute. In the bedroom, we can choose silk lampshades, especially hand-stitched and hand-drawn lampshades, which can bring a soft feeling to the room and add an intimate atmosphere. Second, in addition, it is also necessary to match the lampshade with different materials of all copper chandeliers. The white lampshade has good light penetration and can be matched with crystal lamps to create a crystal clear effect; Compared with black and color, the penetration of light is slightly worse. It can radiate light downward and make local light stronger. It can be matched with bronze all-copper lamps and discs. Third, according to the different shapes of the all-copper chandelier, the lamp wall is matched with the lampshade. If the lamp wall is curved, then the corresponding style of the lampshade should be selected with some curves. The lamp wall is straight, choose a regular lampshade. If the lamp Wall looks thick, you can choose a tapered lampshade to reduce the heavy feeling.
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