Master the color matching of all-copper lamps and decoration to create a different room style

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-27
It is said that lamps and lanterns are flirting teachers at home. Lamps and lanterns of various shapes, colors, materials and sizes can create different living styles. The same is true for all-copper lamps, which should be combined with the overall decoration of the living room, so how to match the color of all copper lamps and decoration? First, according to their actual needs and personal preferences to choose the style of all copper lamps. If you pay more attention to its practicality, you should choose dark copper lamps such as black bronze and deep bronze. If you pay attention to decoration and pursue modern style, you can choose a lively style, for example, a simple fabric lampshade is a full copper lamp. Second, the color of lamps and lanterns should be coordinated with the environmental decoration style of the home. The layout of the room lighting must take into account the style of the furniture in the room, the color of the wall, and the color of the household appliances. Otherwise, the lighting is inconsistent with the overall tone of the room, but it will be self-defeating. For example, the color of the indoor wallpaper is light-colored. When choosing a full copper light source, you should choose a warm light source, which can create a bright and soft light environment. Three, all copper lamp specifications combined with indoor area, furniture and the corresponding size to configure. For example, all-copper ceiling lamps or wall lamps with a diameter of less than 12 m² should be used in small living rooms under 200mm. The number and size of lamps should be suitable to avoid overcrowding. In the living room of about 15 m² square meters, all-copper ceiling lamps or multi-head all-copper chandeliers with a diameter of about 300mm should be used.
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