Marble lamp? What are the advantages of the marble lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
- - - - - - - - - - - - In a broad range of market of lamps and lanterns, decorative pattern in the lamps and lanterns of heavy and complicated, elaborate manufacture, marble lamp belongs to quiet the gens of of primitive simplicity, natural texture, texture clear, have lasting appeal. The surface of the marble is not beauty, but after the constructor of carve, was able to become a noble and elegant lamp act the role ofing, build a common feeling of light, a little quiet, a bit elegance. Marble lamp light transmittance is very good, can clearly see the pattern of natural stone chimney. Features. Light weight, high hardness, thickness, average. 。 Good gloss, pervious to light effect is obvious. 。 Have not deformation, fire anti-aging, no radiation resistance to penetration, oil stain resistant corrosion resistance and other properties. Can be based on demand random bending, seamless bonding, device lunch not easily broken, is green environmental protection building materials! 。 Imported from Spain cloud grain dash forward show the history of the mouth HanHai river's ups and downs, golden yellow emperor's colorful prosperity. 。 Non-toxic, no radioactive, flame retardancy, non-stick oil, not permeability, antibacterial mouldproof.
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