Manual operation of all copper lamps is expected to change automatic perception

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-16
No matter when, the desire for light is human instinct. Therefore, the invention of electric lamp officially makes human beings break away from the living habit of working at sunrise and resting at sunset, and nightlife is also due to the existence of light, become more exciting. With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, people have new demands for lighting. Don't grope for the switch to turn on the light in the dark. The light should be adjusted to the appropriate brightness to protect your eyesight, it is best not to forget to turn off the lights before going out to sleep, resulting in waste. . . . . . These, intelligent lighting can fully meet everyone's needs. In particular, consumers of all-copper lamp products representing high-end life expect to realize intelligent control. The manual operation of all-copper lamps is expected to change to automatic perception. The so-called intelligent lighting on the market today is actually turning the original manual switch operation into a mobile phone or other control terminal operation without reducing the Operation steps, to improve efficiency, many people have questioned such intelligent lighting. Does such intelligence really meet people's living needs? Now because the wireless light sensor and the dimming switch are used for linkage, through the setting of the system, when the user goes home every day and opens the door, the lights of the entrance full copper lamp and the living room full copper lamp will automatically light up, at the door of each room, a wireless infrared intrusion detector is installed. When approaching the room, the all-copper lamp in the room will light up, and when leaving, the lamp will automatically go out. According to the setting, for example, the full copper lamp beside the desk in the study is adjusted to the appropriate brightness, so as not to make people feel dazzling, making people feel impatient and depressed, especially for children, A good lighting environment helps to protect eyesight, so that children do not need to wear glasses too early and add burden to the bridge of the nose. In addition, home lighting has also been realized in scenes. For example, when a guest comes to the home, the user can switch the scene from the home mode to the visitor mode, and wants to watch a movie on weekends, you can automatically pull up the curtains, turn off the overhead lights, turn on the spotlights, and turn the scenes in the living room into a home theater mode. The home mode and sleep mode are also very easy to solve. After the door is closed in the morning, the home mode will be automatically activated. All lights and doors and windows will be automatically closed. In summer, in order to prevent the room temperature from being too high, the curtains will be pulled up. When sleeping at night, close the bedroom door and the sleep mode will automatically open. Except for the wall lamp at the head of the bed, keep it at a soft brightness, the rest of the lights will automatically turn off and the curtains will automatically close.
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