make a wind powered led light show

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-18
This is my second structure and I will show you how to make this cool light show where you need 24 \"pvc tube 24 v stepping motor red and green light bar [
Or any color you choose6 x 1-
1/4 \"bolts and nuts 2 ft.
1/2 \"copper tube and 1/2\" copper tee cutter j-
B welding glue [shoe goo]
Drill 6 drill bit sandpaper [80 grit]
[Aluminum or plastic silicone sheet]for the tail]
spray paint [optional]
Cut a piece of 3 \"thin first-
Make pvc wall into 24 \"longitudinal Mark Center and draw blade design, cut blade with jigsaw puzzle, Polish rough edge, drill 5/16\" on center Mark, Mark and drill 2 8 holes 2-
24 V stepping motor interval 1/2 \"[
I can sell you one.
, Cut a 2 \"long copper tube with j-
B. Weld it to the gear of the stepping motor and let it be fixed for 24 hours.
, Bolt the motor to the back of the blade with 2 nuts and bolts and cut a 6 \"copper tube [down pipe]
Stick it on the tee and cut a 16 \"copper tube [tail boom]
, Cut a tail from the aluminum plate, drill 2 holes, fix it on the copper pipe with bolts, stick the tail boom on the tee, and stick the copper pipe on the stepping motor on the tee, cut a 15 LEDs long red and green light strip, connect 2 wires on the motor to one of the light strips, and the other 2 wires to the other [
It doesn\'t matter which wire]
, Peel off and stick to the back of the strip, and stick it to the front on both sides of the blade, you may need to apply some glue on the top of the tape, because the glue on the tape is not very good, apply a little glue to the nuts to prevent them from loosening and cut a 3/4 steel pipe at 8 feet. long [tower]
Bury it deep, put the light show on top of the tower, and it should start lighting at about 10 miles an hour.
You can draw the tail if you like.
Cover the light strip with a thin layer of silicon to prevent the weather.
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