Maintenance knowledge of all copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-21
It is no exaggeration to say that all-copper lamps are one of the most famous lighting varieties in history. From the European Renaissance to today, it still occupies an indispensable position in lighting products with its imposing manner, solemn temperament and a heavy history. After hundreds of years of development, the production process of all-copper lamps has gone through the painstaking efforts of countless designers. Today, they are already flourishing. On the basis of copper, Crystal, ceramic, glass, stone, fabric and other elements are added, so its maintenance and maintenance also need some professional knowledge and skills. The maintenance and maintenance of all copper lamps should first start with installation. The power cord selected in the lamp body shall be a wire with good quality, durability and strong insulation. The load of The Wire shall be greater than the current intensity of the lamp, and a yellow wax tube shall be sleeved on the wire joint and bend in the lamp body, only in this way can it be possible to prevent the aging and short circuit of wires in the future and avoid damage to the lamp body structure when repairing the electrical part of the lamp. This preventive measure is also an important maintenance for the electrical part of the all-copper lamp. The maintenance of the surface of the whole copper lamp body is very important. In the space where the lamp is installed, it should be kept dry and ventilated as much as possible, and should not be in contact with acidic and corrosive liquids or gases. If the above two points can be done, after the maintenance, basically with a clean, dry rag can be solved. However, all copper lamps are widely used, and some are installed in wet places such as restaurants, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. For some mild corrosion, once found, it should be wiped clean with a clean dry cloth. For some places that cannot be removed, it can be cleaned with detergent such as Bailey beads. But be sure to remember that it cannot be left on the lamp body, so that the lamp body can be kept beautiful. For some crystal and ceramic ornaments on all copper lamps, they should be treated with their own curing methods (There are relevant introductions in the previous issues). Large all-copper lamps generally have higher installation space, more complex lamp body structure, and many safety measures are also needed in the maintenance process, so it is better to be handled by professionals with relevant qualifications. A good lamp needs good maintenance and maintenance to make it reflect its value. Especially for all-copper lamps, if properly maintained, all-copper lamps can show different brilliant light from the new lamps.
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