made with a shade how you can accent rooms in your house with a really light touch.

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The guy with a wreath lampshade on his head danced on the table, and the doll hit his nose in front of the elegant mirror --
Covered dresser: This lush living image of 20, 30 and 40 years old is aroused by the latest trend of home decoration.
Luxury accessories
From the Pearl lampshade to the velvet or silk pillow to the elegant mirror --
Hot goods this fall?
\"Accessories do a good job even in a downturn.
\"They are the easiest way to change the appearance of the lowest amount,\" said Mumbai . \"
Spokesman Mark Lefkin
Feather-covered lampshade with beads dripping or chinoiserie in red-
Printed fabrics are sold in Mumbai like well-known hot cakes, a chain known for their affordable copies of classic designs.
\"It looks decadent, but it\'s not bad,\" he said . \" He refers to the tassel and the beads.
It sells well because people are pushed to the limit. . . .
They look for breathing opportunities in their homes. . .
People who have never been interested are now looking for unique ways to reflect their personality.
\"Edge benefits Amanda Lucero is a visual assistant at the Westfield shopping town promenade fashion Z Gallerie furniture store in Mount woodlands, and he also notes the trend.
A lampshade with a bead stripe is not just a lampshade.
She observed that they had become an accessory this year.
Z Gallerie in Venetian and Macy\'s nearby
The style mirror, known for its female design etched on glass, can be found in photo frames, grills and clocks. For a mirror-
As seen in the old movie Thin Man, you have to go to the designer area of Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.
In places like Charles freatins lights and mirror showrooms, manager Vince gerinio has a small mirror chest illustration for $5,600.
He explained it was a custom.
But he added that the revival of decorative art and Hollywood glamour accessories was partly due to the renovation of Las Vegas.
\"It offers a market for new, different, and fascinating designs. . .
And the lampshade, as well as its feminine style and appeal to women --
Who made most of the purchases?
A good example.
Even Martha Stewart, the master of home decoration, who asked us to cover up the chandelier with a miniature accordion --
Pleated linen tone with a new look on the lampshade.
In Martha Stewart Life, published in September, she said that on the base of the strategic location, only one custom shade can enliven the entire room.
The hue she helped to design for her home included a trendy silk hue with an oriental design in the middle, an edge of a vintage floor lamp at the bottom and a hunting helmet shaped like a plain silk hue gingerjar desk lamp.
Regardless of the style of the lampshade, Stewart says, it should send out a light bright enough to read, but soft enough to look beautiful.
Hana Zatloukal, she uses her hand in her L. A.
Shopmar Shop added that the hue should also complement the lamp holder and furniture style in the room, so it is important to bring your favorite lights when shopping.
She also said that color fabric tones are now popular (
Like when they were in their 20 s.
But shoppers should realize that the red lampshade may look orange when the lights are on, because the light bulb will bring the color of yellow to the fabric.
Unless the shadows have a white opaque lining, it\'s hard to read, she says. Fad vs.
Trend Zatloukal learned the art of lampshade design from her aunt Dagmar and knew the difference between fashion and trends.
Victorian feather decorations will cool down quickly, she said, as they collect too much dust.
However, she predicts that the tone with beads at the bottom should swing over the next five years.
\"Glass beads are now everywhere and they work well on the lampshades as the light illuminates them.
\"From Victorian to traditional, they are also well integrated with most interior designs,\" said Zatloukal . \".
Choosing a mirror can be more difficult, says Jelineo, because you can\'t bring the room it shows.
\"Pay attention to the scale when buying a mirror.
Don\'t be too small, it\'s something too many people do and they end up with a mirror like a photo frame size that looks pretty in the store.
You have to balance the balance, so a tall room needs a tall mirror.
Fewer strategies are needed to throw pillows.
But these experts suggest that be sure to try to get a mixture of uneven quantities and surface textures.
Remember that an accent is an accent.
When in doubt, leave it out, as Coco Chanel says.
Light up wonderful shopping for new lights or lampshades?
According to Hana Zatloukal, la luminaire expert at Dagmar, and Vince gillino, at Charles verlatin showroom, you should: go shopping with the luminaire for the bestfitting shade. Get eye-
Flush with the lights to ensure that the bottom edge of the shadow completely covers the bulb and socket.
Select the shadow shape that complements the base.
Consider the square shadow of a square base, a Chinese coolie-
Hat style of low, wide and round lights (drum)
Shape of old column and ellipse
Old fashioned urn style with handle.
Consider the scale and balance of the lamp and match it to the shadow. Mix or match?
The matching lamps on the outer cover or bedside table create a formal appearance;
Complementary lamps with the same visual weight will reflect the informal artistic atmosphere.
Check practicality
If the light is for reading or room lighting, make sure it is large enough to hold higher lightwatt bulbs.
Also note that the bottom of the light should be at eye level when you are sitting next to the light. -
Caption by Barbara DeWitt (S)
: 12 photos, box photos :(1 --cover --color)
In the lampshade, The Mirror adds a touch of charm (2 --3 --color)
The lampshade has become the biggest small impulse item of the season, decorating its spirit and family with whimsy.
These tiny feathers and beads
Mumbai\'s lampshade is designed to clip on a candle holder for $25 each.
At Mount woodlands.
Staff photographer Tom Mendoza (4 --color)
Venice mirror
This clock in the Royal Gallery Collection, Macy\'s, is priced at $40 and is an inspiration for Hollywood\'s golden age. (5 --color)
Antique Fireplace mirrors and mantel covered with mosaic mirrors reflect the lush life of Mumbai\'s 20-and 30-year-olds(6 --color)
To complement this season\'s exotic new bedding, add velvet and silk pillows to the Mumbai company, each with glass beads and tassels for $32 to $39. (7 --color)
To get a French art nouveau look, a curved floor mirror was purchased from Mumbai for $299 and a fancy lampshade for $25(8 --color)
The flashing beads add a little flash when lighting for $20 to $44 (shade, only)
At the pottery shop. (9 --10 --color)
Even the chandeliers have gained a stylish boost from the beading hue, which is sold at the Pottery Barn store for $69. (11)
The stylish lamps and mirrors provided by Mumbai company illuminate the accessory scene. (12)
Pillows like this are an easy way to emphasize the room.
Experts recommend using a mixture of uneven amounts of pillows and surface textures.
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