Lushan International Yicui Valley Lizhai villa project lighting successfully completed

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-04
On July 18, the installation of lamps and lanterns for Lushan International Yicui Valley Li Zhai villa project was successfully completed and passed the owner's acceptance. Lushan International community is located in the South sub-center of Chengdu's international city, with a construction area of about 2600 mu and a total construction area of several million square meters. Ryan, USA- Young interior design company and other six most prestigious and powerful companies in the United States are responsible for planning, architecture, landscape, structure and interior design. Upon completion, it will be a super-large open international community with sports, residence, leisure, entertainment, education and other functions as the core. The whole villa covers an area of 280 m² square meters, with a total of three floors divided into 16 functional areas. The whole building is decorated in a mix of simple European classical style and American country style. Engineering lamps adopt snooker all-Copper Solder lamp and American elbow lamp.
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